Pure dynamics
on all surfaces


Distance sensor
PSD analog
With this sensor, it´s possible to bomb down the freeway at 250 km/h, measuring the car body deflection on intense solar radiation.
With the special analog module, this fast laser sensor is providing most precise measuring results on all surfaces.

Like nearly all our sensors, also the M7 works according to the principle of triangulation. The resolution from 0.0002 mm (0.004 mil.) is according to the range of highest accuracy. The measuring rate of 10 kHz (sampling frequency 54 kHz) and the response time from 0,1 up to 67 ms are adjustable.
The small light point diameter (from 0.1 mm) (0.005 in.) enables the recording of tiny units. Flexible measuring tasks are solvable by the wide measuring range (0.5 up to 400 mm) (0.02 in. up to 15.75 in.)
A range of nine models is suppliable.
The evaluation electronics was separated, to reduce dimension and weight of the sensor head.
The additional electronics and a 2 m (78.7 in.) long connection cable is included in delivery.

  Preferred areas of application:    

•  all surfaces (matt black to high gloss finished)
•  flatness check
•  position control (e.g. engine valves)
•  recognize sheet metal doubling
•  measuring length, angle, thickness

  •  verify saw blades
•  vibration measurement (up to 10 kHz)
•  test of gear shifting
•  inspection of filter elements

ESP tests, checking valves position or impulse measuring at a generator. These are some of many application possibilities.