Intelligent controller module
for laser scanner and Sensors

industrial PC

We generated this unit, to satisfy the demand for a tough, multifunctional and solid computer to run at industrial conditions.

An ultra compact industrial PC with additional CAN-Bus and Profibus interfaces, 2 scanner ports and a floppy disk drive.

With it, the i-Control is equipped at best for automation tasks with decentral intelligence. The internal processor edits all data, so that only control commands and results are entered and displayed via bidirectional communications interface.

Inside of the i-Control, there are no cables or connection assemblies to become unscrewed. They were consequently banned and replaced by solid, mechanical secured connections. All plug and socket connections are soldered directly into the connection board. Therefore, the i-Control braves mechanical shocks, which would damage other hard disks. Besides that, the i-Control acts like a completely standard PC with a 600 MHz Pentium-Cup. The i-Control is equipped with 256 MBytes RAM. Parallel access to Windows applications is possible, in addition to the image recognition software. Windows 9x, Windows NT/2000 or Linux can be installed as system software.
As storage medium the economically priced Flash-Memory-Cards (256 MB) or the slightly more expensive 1 to 2 GB Micro drives are applied. Two slots for CF-cards exist. You only need a card reader to record additional software or updates.
All further interfaces are conforming to standard PCs: VGA monitor, serial ports COM1, COM2, LPT parallel port (printer), Ethernet-RJ-45 port, USB port 1.0 and PS/2 keyboard.

Controller modules for two laser scanners as the case may be A/D transformer cards for up to 8 measuring channels are optionally available.

For over 20 years, MEL is the most innovative producer of intelligent sensors. Take advantage of our experience.
We cope with tasks of automation by using sensor technology and build hard- and software as ideal solution. Alternatively, we deliver modular solutions for integration into OEM projects.