Printing and paper industries
Counting of print products

LSZ laser shingle counter  

In printing plants, the produced newspapers and journals are transported on speedy moving conveyor belts. On the way, the print products are laying shingle-type, i. e. in an overlapping form and have to be counted. So far, mechanical switches are implemented for this task. The disadvantage is, they operate imprecise and slow, they wear fast and the counted results are inexact.

The life cycle of a mechanical switch is limited to 10 Mio. switching operations. The wear of position switches is the chief cause of failure reason in automated systems.

To reduce the failure rates and to exclude the error rates on counting, the sensor LSZ1 was installed. This laser sensor is working contactless and is calibrated lifelong.

In consequence of the contactless working and the lifetime calibration of this laser sensor, there are no maintenance downtimes any more. The costs of purchase for the mechanical end switches drop out completely.
For counting of newspapers and journals in the print outflow zone our sensor LSZ1 is employed.
The laser shingle counter senses single sheets from sheet thickness of 0,1 mm and from a material weight of 80 g/m² (0,176 pounds per m²). Whatever, single sheets, complete newspapers or journals with varying thickness - if they are placed shingle-type on the conveying system, they are counted correctly. Even height variations or breaking away shingle streams do not affect the measurement result.
The counting rate is automatically adjusted by integrated processor to belt / product speed. The height leaps, collected by sensor are analyzed - up to 500.000 pieces / hour.

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