Long distances in speed of light
Freely programmable measuring range


Distance sensor
This speed of light sensor with its freely programmable measuring range is particularly suitable for long distances from 0.2 up to 100 meters (0.66 ft. up to 328 ft.) Further than 30 meters (98.5 ft.) with a reflexion foil. The measuring module is working contactless according to the principle of phase comparison measurement.
With aid of the red pilot beam, the adjustment of the sensor is quite simple.

Inch precise measurement on any surfaces. Two types are available, with a sampling rate from 1 to 10 Hz or with 50 Hz.
Due to the small light point diameter (from 6 mm) (0.24 in.), measurements in narrow pipes are possible.
The electronics is integrated into the sensor head. 
The output of measurement results are served via data interface RS232 / RS 422 (switchable). A fieldbus connection is possible.

  Preferred areas of application:    

•  height measurement
•  distance measurement
•  monitoring (e.g. cranes, transport systems)
•  fill level measurement (e.g. bulk materials)


•  position identification
•  object sensing, -recordal, -control
•  security application


Whether measurement in pipes, monitoring of travelling trolleys turbine verification, in speed of light your measuring data are available.

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