Multidimensional measurement
and positioning

Laser scanner
CCD digital
The M2D is the perfect tool for identification and automatic testing of surfaces and profiles. Large-scale production without defective goods is only possible, if each part is verified.

CCD sensors implicate advantages on measuring edges and feature absolute accuracy and linearity independent from the surface. Like nearly all our sensors, also the M2D works according to the principle of triangulation.
12 sensor types from measuring range from 7 up to 1200 mm (from 0.27in. up to 47.24 in.) are available. With a scan rate of 50 respectively 110 Hz the profile data is recorded reliably.

  Preferred areas of application:  

•  handling of machining robots
   assembly, positioning, loading, quality control
•  measurement in the production
   bore, gap, edge, angle, groove width and groove depth
   verifying workpieces in the CNC manufacturing
•  recording of surface profiles

•  object monitoring
   object differentiation, object sorting,
   O.K. / defective detection,
   completeness control,
   collision recognition


Whether measuring during CNC production or verifying parts or door gap measuring - the Software analyzes the data. Tendential deviations are recorded and online entered into the control system of the machine. Quality assurance protocols are displayed.

For over 20 years, MEL is the most innovative producer of intelligent sensors. Worldwide there are several thousand laser scanners in action.
We deliver laser scanner, evaluation electronics, software and modules. For the weldseam guiding, and the seam inspection, our variations of M2DW are at your disposal, or alternatively we make available the Bug automatic welder (complete system).