Engraving depth of vehicle identification numbers
M2D Laser scanner - measuring in production process

The M2D is the perfect tool for identification and automatic control of surfaces and profiles. Large-scale production without defective goods is only possible if each part is checked.
Detection of surface
Vehicle identification numbers are engraved at load-bearing metals parts of the chassis during manufacturing process . For receiving a good readability, a minimum of engraving depth must be observed. On the other hand, the engraving depth may not exceed a given dimension, not to weaken the strength of the chassis. The vehicle manufacturer required an automatic control of the engraving depth.
After engraving, during transport to next processing station, the serial number is read out. At first, the read data must be verified, i. e.  the number is read by OCR software and aligned with the main computer.
Scanning of the serial number:

A M2D laser scanner is positioned quite close to that point, where the serial number is located. While continuing the transport of the vehicle, the laser scanner is generating a range of cross-section profiles.
Serial number to be passed on:
The cross-section profiles are converted to a Bitmap file or a JPEG file and passed on to a standard image processing software

Result after filtering of the software

OCR identification and automatically analysis
The analysing software of the laser scanner is calculating from the recorded cross-section profiles the medium, maximum and minimum engraving depth. These values are transferred to the main computer (or to PLC).

If the engraving depth is deficient, the vehicle is discharged for repair.
The evaluation of the serial number and the comparison with the main computer is executed by a standalone software packet. Both tasks are processed in parallel.

No matter whether measuring during CNC manufacturing, verifying parts or door gap measuring - the software is analysing; tendential deviations are recognized and online fed into the control system of the machine. QA protocols are displayed.

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