Surface texture of a cowhouse floor
Research project of the University Munich / Weihenstephan

M2D Laser scanner   

In stable, cows walk on preferred paths. In course of time, underneath the hooves of the animals, the floor is wearing off. The risk is, that an animal will slip and hurt itself. Already minor injuries are troublesome, in worst case, the animal had to be slaughtered.
To avoid this risk, a flooring has to be found, being in the long run   abrasion-resistant and anti-slip mainly at wetness.
Therefore the University of Weihenstephan is analizing the materials, used for the floor.

In a field experiment in some selected stables, the surface texture of the floor coverings will be measured in destignated intervals. Therefore, suitable measuring fields will be defined and marked.

On the very compact measuring trolley, M2D laser scanner, i-Control, screen and keyboard are mounted. A rechargeable battery supplies the electronics. One employee is able to handle and operate this unit.

The study includes following parameters:
•  roughness profile
•  number of "crossings"
•  environmental parameters
•  different floor coverings
•  wear
Because surface texture is playing an important part for skid resistance, the M2D-Scanner is recording a three dimensional picture of the surface.

The measuring trolley is not always standing exactly plane to the measuring area. Therefore, after measuring, the data are standardized (based on normal plane) and saved on hard disk of i-Control. On the basis of, on a long period gained data, conclusions are to be drawn from abrasion resistance and skip resitance of the particular material.

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