Weld seam guiding and inspection
M2DW laser scanner

100% control  
  •  short reaction time
•  higher process reliability
•  efficient documentation and traceability
We deliver laser scanner, evaluation electronics, software and modules. On demand, complete systems for weld seam guidance, too (see BUG-welding robot).

The M2D laser scanner is placed in front of the blowpipe in range of the prepared groove. The scanner recognizes the weld groove, records the edges of the joint and controls cross drive, vertical drive and drive motor of the chassis. Like this, the welding head is always conducted in optimal position (horizontal and vertical direction) to the welding object.
Following data are recorded and calculated constantly:  

•  joint width
•  joint center
•  angle
•  orientation
•  edge height left
•  edge height right

Integrated is a plausibility control, so that minor material defects won´t disturb the welding process.
In case of missing joint or material, the system is automatically switched off.
For weld seam inspection, special laser scanners and client-specific software are available.    

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