As clear as glass
To be aware of transparency.


Distance sensor
PSD analog
For all transparent surfaces, this fast laser sensor is especially suited.

Like nearly all our sensors, also the M74 works according to the principle of triangulation. The resolution from 0.0003 mm (0.0098 mil.) is according to the range of highest accuracy. The measuring rate of 10 kHz (sampling frequency 54 kHz) and the response time from 0.1 ms up to 67 ms are adjustable.
The slight light point diameter (0.1 mm) (0.004 in.) enables the recording of smallest components.
Two types with a measuring range with 0.5 and 2 mm (0.02 and 0.078 in.) are obtainable.
The evaluation electronics has been separated, to minimize the sensor head dimension and weight.
Connection cable (2 m) (78.7 in.) and Blue Box (evaluation electronics) are included in delivery.

  Preferred areas of application:    

•  glass
•  transparent foils
•  mirrors
•  silicon wafer


•  steel, brightly polished
•  car finish
•  liquids


No matter, whether liquids, glass or highly reflecting surfaces, the M74 is measuring reliably thickness or distance.

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