No other can make it.
For over 10 years in continuous running at extremely temperatures.

High temperature sensor up to 250°C (482 °F)
This contactless switching sensor (induction principle) is preferential applied for tasks, requiring longevity, switching frequency, switching speed and reliability.
The Mi250 is working very economically and is, as an element of industrial automation technology, applicable to all lines of business.
  Further advantages of Mi:    

•  insensitive to environmental conditions (light, temperature, wetness, dirt, humidity)
•  no mechanical wearing parts
•  noiseless
•  reactionless
•  insensitive to vibrations
•  high repetitive accuracy
•  extra long-lasting

Our switches are working maintenance- and failure-free for many years.
The MI250 is applied globally at many automotive manufacturers and production firms. At all "hot spots":
e.g. in enameling furnaces of paint-spry lines. Continuous temperature of 230°C / 446 F (temporary 250°C / 482 F) - for meanwhile 10 years in continuous running.

At heat treatment, in rolling mills or in sintering, drying resp. hardening ovens, the MI250 will be applicable to various lines of business.

an abridged version of thousands of our customers:

AEG - Audi - Bayer - Ber Steel Cor., USA - BMW - Buderus - Bosch - CMOS - CNN - Confab Tubos, Brasil - DaimlerCrysler - DASA - Deutz - Directech, South Africa - Erciyas, Turkey - ES Automation - ETS - FATA, Spain - Graham&White, Great Britain- Ilva, Italy - John Deere - Julong Steel Pipe, China, MAN, Middle East Tube Co., Israel - Mukat Pipes Ind., India - Opel - SAFA, Iran - Siat, Argentina - Skoda, Czechia - TTC, Korea - Tyssen - UNI Karlsruhe - UNI Stuttgart - Vanema, Spain - VW, Volvo, Sweden.

Ask for our advanced development: extreme temperature sensor up to 400°C (752 °F).

NEW: the compact electronic device,
diameter: 17mm (0.67 in.), length: 100 mm (3.94 in.), weight: 70 g
Due to the round shape and the volume reduction of over 90%, the electronics is occupying considerably less space, to simplify the fitting hard-to-get-at location.