Automation in hazard zones
For application in extreme environment at extreme temperatures.

Mi250 Ex
High temperature sensor up to 250°C
(482 °F)
This special switch is accredited for application in explosion-hazardous areas.
This instrument is designed for lines and industrial sectors, processing explosion-prone materials, as for example in plants of chemical industries, in oil refineries or mines.
Especially in this fields, the automation is very important, to protect humans from risk.
  The further advantages of the Mi:    

•  insensitive to environmental conditions (light, temperature, wetness, dirt, humidity)
•  no mechanical wearing parts
•  noiseless
•  reactionless
•  insensitive to vibrations
•  high repetitive accuracy
•  extra long-lasting

For extra aggressive environments, special makings of sensor head carrier in stainless steel are feasible.

Ask for our advanced development: extreme temperature sensor up to 400°C (752 F).