Always in the right place.
Simply take your switching desk with you.

STK III Radio remote control
The future tendency is going more and more to decentral control of facilities. Switching boards are installed, to save wiring effort and to decrease installation times.
By these isolated applications, parts of the facility can be taken into operation separately.
The distance between switching board and facility still has to be bridged - mostly by two employees.
One at the switching board, the other directly at the unit, to observe and announce the reactions of the switching commands.

We went an extra mile.
Due to the wireless connection to the PLC, we have at any time, at any place, feedback about process status, about facility status and are able to intervene quickly, if necessary. This is increasing flexibility and economic efficiency.
The on-site display saves lanes, eases communication and provides like this more lucidity and transparency of the system - the entire facility management is improved that way.

  Further advantages of STK:  
  •  handy, lightweight, robust
•  freely programmable
•  simple to operate
•  minor installation effort
•  flexible adaptation to various requirements
•  short-term modifications are easy to realize
•  decrease of start-up times
•  fast access on failure search and removal
•  minimization of down times increases the availability of the system
•  prevention of faulty charges

Due to the fast and flexible handling, for industrial manufacturing facilities, the STK III is applicable to all lines of business.
All motors, hydraulic cylinders, air cylinders, rotary magnets, lift magnets and all actuating elements are separately controllable.

For over 12 years, MEL is the leading producer of wireless control units. Since that time, our process radio remote controls are in action at industrial concerns.
Continuous professional development and the direct contact with customers let us produce at the highest stage.